Meet the Chani Team

Mary H.

Education: Master’s degree in English

Specializing in: Writing/Editing/ Proofreading | Transcription | Data Entry

I write powerfully, efficiently, and precisely. I adapt easily to a variety of writing tones and styles and can put my mastery of English to work for you.

I have four years of copywriting experience, two years of transcription experience, including medical transcription, two years of experience in creating and maintaining internal corporate training resources, and over eight years of private freelance editing experience.

I have a Master’s degree in English and have been teaching college-level composition and literature courses for ten years. My longest writing project to date has been my master’s thesis, which won the “Best Thesis” award for the 2014 academic year.

My professional experience as a textbook and video proofreader at an independent textbook press taught me attention to detail, editing and proofreading strategies, and extensive experience in documentation and transcription.

I can’t wait to work with you!


Education: Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Communication and Psychology

Specializing in: Social Media Content Curation and Scheduling | Podcast Management (including podcast guest management, host management, transcription, and marketing)

My diverse work history has given me a wide range of professional skills and taught me to think outside the box. I learned to study others and how they choose to exchange information while completing my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, focused on Communication and Psychology.

This made me uniquely qualified to serve in the role of Business Manager for a startup bakery business, and as Personal Assistant to a local small business owner. I have managed finances, customer relations, inventory and product distribution, order management, vendor relations, social media, scheduling and travel arrangements, as well as copywriting, copy editing, and proofreading.

I am equal parts creative and analytical. My goal is excellence in the work I deliver, and to successfully meet client needs and bring client visions to life.


Specializing in: Lead Generation | Content Curation and Scheduling | Tracking/Documentation | Social Media Engagement | Transcribing | Strategy Planning

I am excited to help you build your business through social media. I am great at grabbing users’ attention by the things said and pictured. I am a very creative thinker, I strive to provide the best customer service, and I have no greater desire than to succeed and satisfy my clients 100%.

I am a proud wife and mother to my son and daughter. I love what I do and love being home to watch my son grow while growing my client’s businesses. It’s the best of both worlds.

My Experience Includes: Facebook Business Page Management Facebook Engagement Instagram Page Management Instagram Promotions Instagram Engagement Graphic Design Copy Creation Email Marketing LinkedIn Page Management LinkedIn Posting LinkedIn Engagement Email Management Email Campaigns Tracking and Organization Connecting with prospects Researching Virtual Assistant Community Engagement Community Outreach


Specializing in: Self Publishing | Poetry | Writing | Poetry Editing | Instagram Advertising | Public Relations | Creative Project Proposals | Ghostwriting | Creative & Professional Writing | Minor graphic Design

Call me a creative midwife. Are you a creative with a vision void of plan? Allow me to assist!

I work with music artist, entrepreneurs, and even other authors, assisting them in creating a foundation for success around their projects.

As a twice published author, I utilized my own self made creative package for success. I have experience in the following Facebook Marketing Advertisement Instagram Advertising Music Play listing Clientele to Clientele communication Public Relations Creative Marketing Creative Writing Professional Writing Creative Project proposals Ghostwriting Contract & Working Agreement Writing Biography writing Copywriting Event Coordination Taste making


Education: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Computation Con Orientation Commercial

Bilingual – Native Spanish speaker, and knows basic English

Specializing In: Logo and identity design | illustration | video editing, branding | profile creation | social media promotional posters and videos | image upgrades | website graphics.


Education: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Marketing

Specializing in: Social Media Management (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Ads) | Creative Content Creation | Engaging Captions | Gathering Stock Images | Scheduled Postings | Optimize Company Pages | Social Media Problem Solving | Responding/Interacting with Customers based on formatted responses (set by you) | Web Design (Wix, WordPress, Squarespace) | Business Site/ Product Page/ Landing Page | Eye Cat Ching and Responsive Layout | SEO Optimized | Create Inquiry Forms | Desktop and Mobile Compatibility Graphic Design (business cards, flyers, posters, invitations, brochures)

My job is to amplify your brand online. Let customers get a sense of who you truly are. I will design an effective user experience for each customer for your social media and website. I have done work for both domestic and international companies in the realms of marketing and design.


Education: Master of Arts (MA), Strategic Communication and Bachelor of Arts (BA), Communication

I am up to date on current strategies, technologies, and relevance among the field of PR and communication. I am meticulous in my work and my past experiences with management, content creation, writing, and editing are qualifications that will be a valuable asset for your needs.

I have assisted with writing and editing press releases, blogs, articles, and presentations. I have strong writing, editing, and research skills. I also have experience in website design, content creation, creating media lists, email campaigns, and social media analytics.

Mary R.

Education: Bachelor of Education (BEd), Education

Specializing in: Executive Assistant | Canva Specialist | Project Management Officer | Graphic Designer | Social Media Manager | Customer Service/Zendesk Specialist | Property Manager

I have more than 4 years of experience being a customer support relations officer. I provide initial solutions and also being the front end in the previous companies I’ve worked before.



Traveling all around the world, exploring different cultures and creative endeavors has really grown me to think more outside the box. With my degree in psychology, I analyze every angle of the work I create. I am very creative, I have excellent customer service experience and ratings, and I have a desire to succeed and satisfy my clients. I am a proud single mother of a beautiful 3-year old named Bruno. My desire is to continue to show him the world and prepare him for his future.

I started Chani Marketing because I needed extra income to provide for myself and my son. It all started as a side hustle that turned into my full-time job when I lost my job in 2020 due to COVID-19. I quickly became overwhelmed with clients and had to turn clients down left and right. Since Chani Marketing was already an LLC I decided to turn Chani Marketing into a freelancer agency where I could refer the clients I was getting to other freelancers. We are now an agency with over 5 active freelancers in all different walks of life. They have the opportunity to be their own boss, set their own pay rates, and set their own work hours. It’s not always easy but it is a wonderful opportunity to financially thrive and create their own career paths.

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