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Traveling all around the world, exploring different cultures and creative endeavors has really grown me to think more outside the box. With my degree in psychology, I analyze every angle of the work I create. I am very creative, I have excellent customer service experience and ratings, and I have a desire to succeed and satisfy my clients. I am a proud single mother of a beautiful 3 year old named Bruno. My desire is to continue to show him the world and prepare his future.

Skills: Social Media Management


To Michael, photography is an art, and art that is all about the setting and the light. But more than that, it is a passion of mine. From his youth, he has loved being behind the camera catching interesting faces and places. The photography is a tool that can and will help you to sell yourself or your business as it is often the first impression of an advertisement or social media post. 

Skills: Photography


Naomi is Chani Marketing’s assistant social media manager with skills in content creation and social media strategy. Naomi enjoys singing and doing anything musical. The rest of her time is spent reading, cooking and eating.  She’s a college student, so she can always do with more food. Her friends and family are her rock. 

Skills: Social Media Management


Roberto’s commitment to developing an excellent working relationship with my clients is critical. He makes every effort to listen carefully to help each client achieve their goals using his artistic ability and graphic design skills. His clients can be assured of professionalism in every aspect of a project. When we all share a mutual interest and enthusiasm in a project, we all can achieve a rewarding result. 

Skills: Logos Design, Videography, Graphic Design


Working with Kate is an experience of its own. The enthusiasm she brings to each project is infectious. Her passion shines through all she does. After being based in China and Singapore for the past 8 years, she has made a glorious reentry to the States. Her portfolio is laced with variety and diversity…. From Michelin Star Chefs to small businesses. 

Skills: Social Media Management, Web Design, Graphic Design


Danielle is a full time student and she loves discovering new technologies to expand her skills. She spends her free time reading, running, and socializing. She enjoys exploring new places as well.

Skills: Social Media Management

Let’s make something together.

The Chani team is characterized by diversity. We come from varied demographics and walks of life, and each of us has a unique story to tell. Our educational backgrounds, areas of expertise, communication styles, and strengths are vastly different. We recognize that each client is just as unique as we are, and we view diversity and difference as a strength. Due to our broad spectrum of talent and experience, we’re able to forge dynamic partnerships between clients and freelancers that truly “fit.”

Our freelancers do have some traits in common. They are all self-starters with exceptional drive to succeed and passion for what they do. Each of them brings professionalism and clear communication to the table, and strives to exceed expectations for each of their clients. As a team, we value integrity, fairness and justice, and each of us takes those principles personally in our work. Reach out today and experience a different kind of marketing agency.

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