Revolutionary Marketing With Chani

Working with most marketing agencies involves several employees handling your account. Chani does things differently. We hire a broad spectrum of talented freelancers, each with a unique background and skill set. You decide which freelancer or freelancers align best with your marketing goals, and work with them independently on the deliverables. Our freelancers build targeted, personalized working relationships with you, and they’re empowered to take full ownership of your project.

How to Hire a Chani Freelancer?

We use the platform UpWork to connect our freelancers with clients. UpWork streamlines the connections between our freelancers and clients! Why UpWork?

“UpWork began over two decades ago by pioneering a better way of working, helping businesses find more flexibility and connecting talent with more opportunities.” – Hayden Brown, UpWork CEO

Read more of her message here and discover how our partership with UpWork changes the game.

Benefits of UpWork

Read Reviews – You can read other clients’ reviews of our freelancers before hiring, allowing you to confidently find the best fit. These endorsements tell you what to expect and make your hiring process less stressful.

Verified – With UpWork’s verification system, worries about catfishing and fraud are behind you.

Protection – UpWork protects both the client and freelancer, ensuring all work is compensated and the deliverables you’ve paid for are completed.

Contracts – UpWork simplifies your contractual and legal relationship with freelancers. Once both parties agree on deliverables and price, you can click ‘Hire’ and enjoy total peace of mind.

Expert guidance- Danielle Sarchet, the founder and CEO of Chani Marketing has over 10 years of business, non-profit and customer service experience. She has worked with over 35 different brands herself in the last 5 years, before launching the freelancer side of Chani Marketing. With a degree in psychology and diverse work history and portfolio, Danielle offers powerful support, underpinning all aspects of Chani’s operations. With access to client/freelancer communication, Danielle can offer guidance and insight to all team members.

Don’t Want To Create An UpWork Account? No Problem!

We understand that not all Chani clients want to create an UpWork client account. If you would like to partner directly with one of our freelancers, you can create a “direct
contract.” These contracts are still housed on the UpWork platform to provide protection for our freelancers, but they are simpler to create. Learn more by clicking below!

Upwork Direct Contracts

What to Know About Working With Freelancers

Each freelancer offers a unique skill set. Some specialize in social media and email marketing, while others offer graphic design, multimedia or copywriting expertise. Our freelancers know one another’s strengths, and we can help connect you with the best team member to meet your needs.

Each freelancer maintains a unique schedule and availability. Some freelancers work for Chani part-time, while others have built their careers with us. Whether you’re hiring for a few hours a week or full-time work, we can help you meet your goals.

Success Tips For Clients

Take your time in the interview process to ensure a good fit between you and a new marketing freelancer. Discuss work schedule, hours per week, and communication preferences. With Chani’s diverse marketing team, it’s easy to interview multiple freelancers before hiring.

Communicate your expectations clearly and request any desired adjustments swiftly. Our freelancers appreciate feedback and will adapt to your needs whenever possible.

When working with a freelancer, ensure your communication styles are synced effectively. Discuss your preferred communication platform, frequency, and method together, so you can both know what to expect.

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